TEL 0172-34-8000

Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture Oaza Miyagawa 3-chome, 4-3

Hours afternoon 11:00 to 14:00

Night 17:00 to 21:30

Last order 21:00

Sushi Kappo taste Xin

:In-store FREE Wi-Fi  installation

:Each credit card

:Electronic money     available

Four-legged tray for festive food

Celebration Requirements Course

3000 yen course ~ We will respond to your budget.

(Tea service)


* For a store You can drink all-you-can-eat for 2 hours at each course plus 1500 yen.

The procedure is carried out in the following procedure.


Buddhist style

First seven days

(The evening of the sixth day from the death)

· On the 27th (14th)

· On the 37th (21st)

· On the 47th (28th)

· Fifty-seventh day (thirty-fifth day)

· On the 67th (42th)

· Seventy-seventh day (forty-nine days)

A hundred days

· First anniversary (full year one)

· The Third Conclusion (Full Year 2)

· The seventh time (full sixth year)

· The Thirteenth Diary

· The seventeenth day

· The twenty-third anniversary

· The twenty-seventh meeting

· The Thirtieth Diary

· 50th anniversary


Divine style

The first festival

Ten-day Festival

Thirty days festival

Fifty day festival

100th day festival

One year festival

Three year festival

Five Year Festival

A decade festival

Fifty-year festival

A centennial festival

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